We are experts in establishing, enhancing and utilizing bacterial cultures for industrial production of active pharmaceutical ingredients.
By contract manufacturing, Galilaeus offers production of a wide range of compounds, for example antibiotics, cytotoxics and immunosuppressants. In addition, we are now establishing our first own API´s. The first API is the immunosuppressant Tacrolimus, produced by Galilaeus' own technology and process.
We have industrial microbiology know-how for bacteria, fungi and yeasts. Our expertise covers the whole chain from strain development to process optimization and downstream process development. Each step with flexibility according to the customer's needs.

Partner in collaboration:  TBD Biodiscovery


- from strain development to on market needs






1. Strain development & Optimization

Galilaeus' research scientists and laboratory team are skilled molecular and microbiologists and fermentation experts who are highly qualified and have extensive experience. We use both genetic modification and mutagenesis to establish more powerful strains. We are able, for example, to increase expression of an activator, inactivate negative regulators, increase expression of a resistance gene as well as modify strain biosynthesis by overcoming bottlenecks or adding genes able to modify the structure of a produced compound.


2. Process development

We have profound knowledge in the field of process development. Our scope covers everything from optimization of a pilot scale systems to from scratch development of complex processes with multistep downstream purification.


3. Manufacturing

We offer production of APIs in gram to kilogram quantities. We work according to ICHQ7 guidelines and analyses are performed according to the customer's needs.